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We are an automotive enthusiast group that also owns an automotive performance shop. Our authenticity and dignity have made us serve clients all over CT and neighboring states. With our parts portal, we avail the opportunity to take a step into extending our services to the entire country. Our staff is dedicated to delivering the best customer service and understands the clients' requirements with ease. We work on the prime factor of offering nothing but the best components and associating only with the best suppliers. This policy helps us in delivering the finest consultation based on facts and offering outstanding client service! We are committed to creating the most ideal client experience, using top-notch design standards and the most recent advances to convey a quick, simple to-utilize, and versatile website. At Panache, we offer a plethora of new and quality auto parts for car repair and maintenance at extremely competitive prices. We thrive on ensuring that our clients’ get what they need before the given deadline. By cooperating and consolidating our viewpoints and aggregate ability, we reinforce our promise to our clients consistently and continue to upgrade the way drivers shop for automobile parts.